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Greetings visitor, wow, made it all the way back to my bio did you?  


Well here goes, I've lived most of his life in the Great Pacific Northwest.  I started drawing before I could walk, no really, once I even ruined a fur couch (vintage 70's) with cherry lipstick my mom had left lying around.  Growing up I sketched popular forms of entertainment and nature.  These earlier works ranged from Dracula to Super Mario Bros.  I entered and won several art contests and awards ranging from still life to portraits.  In high school and college I was published in local arts journals. 


During college I began my slow switch from pencils to paints.  I liked the wide, vibrant colors I could get with paints, especially oil paints which I could manipulate and push around the canvas.  I soon began to take commissions, and in January 2004 began offering commissions and my art online.  My top priority is to keep my art affordable for fans, and I sell everything from paintings to t-shirts to other merchandise across a wide price range.   


When I'm not painting I also draw comic strips, which you can look at over at Horrorcomicstrip.com.  The strip's written and drawn for genre fans, and portrays the common rants and raves of the modern horror movie fan. I also keep up an active blog at Horrorblogger.com


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