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Information on painting process, payment, shipping, and delivery!


Artist masked for inspiration

Artist at work


Finding out what you want...

First e-mail me, it commits you to nothing!  Let me know if you have an idea you'd like to have a painting of.  You might even have a picture to attach?  Even if it's a foggy notion, I can then write you back with concepts of how I'd do the painting.  Once we settle on a basic idea, I'll make a very rough sketch and send that image via e-mail.  We then agree on the painting topic, size, and total price.  Stop by the commission forums to see some examples.  



50% deposit

When I start the actual painting I require a 50% deposit of the agreed upon price.  I prefer Paypal for all transactions as it's the fastest way.  I do take checks, but won't start a painting until your check clears, which slows everything down. 

Canvas Size                              Price 

11" by 14"


12" by 16"


16" by 20"


18" by 24"




Then it's on to painting!  Check to the right to see the details of how I paint.  About halfway through the painting I'll send you an update digital picture of the progress.  The picture progress is another opportunity for you to provide input if there's something different (color, shape), you'd like me to do.  




When the painting is ready to ship you pay the other 50% of the price and shipping costs.  Paintings are shipped approximately 4-6 weeks after an order is placed, depending on the backlog (you want to make sure a painting is dry before you ship).  Your shipment includes the original painting, a certificate of authenticity, and other special giveaways!  I use UPS packing to protect the painting.  Buyers can opt to pay for insurance.  I'll send you the tracking number once the painting has shipped.



How do specials work? 

Specials work by you e-mailing me to get your discount!  If it's a question on the site, you have to send your answer to me.  Get it right and I'll drop the painting's price for you and you alone.  If you qualify for other specials (member of Horrormovies.com who signs up for this site), again mention that in your e-mail to me before you pay!  Use the same address as your member profile at Horrormovies.com.



Return policy

If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the painting, you have 30 days after the painting was initially shipped to return the painting.  Buyer pays all costs to ship the item back.  Subtracting a retainer fee (1/2 of the painting's value), the buyer will receive a refund.  The returned painting must be in its original condition. 




If you have any other questions please let me know!  I want this process to be interactive and you to be satisfied! 




Earlier sketches                                           Final Painting

Horrorsketches.jpg (200x150 -- 11700 bytes)                     JasonPonders1.jpg (200x150 -- 17395 bytes)     

Check out how I paint!!!


Print out picture of subject for reference

Prep canvas with gesso layer to absorb oils

Gesso.jpg (200x150 -- 3472 bytes)


Basic, quick sketch of the subject on canvas

Begin painting background and initial hues of subject

Paint in main subject, usually in multiple layers

Add touch ups to finish


Protect finished painting with varnish


Get ready to ship! 


Questions or comments?  E-mail me