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Do you run popular genre news articles on your site (i.e. Creature Corner)? If you write an article about my site I'll give the author 10% off any painting!  Want to swap links???  E-mail me if interested!



For your code link to http://www.horrorart.biz  If you hyperlink using words, please use "Horror Art", two words, not one.  Thanks!  


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For your code link to http://www.horrorcomicstrip.com  If you hyperlink using words, please use "Horror Comic Strip", Thanks!  


Another quality site run by a cool human being.  Nowadays horror masks are standard, this site takes it up a notch and dares to be innovative!  

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Need a mask?  These people can make it happen.  Good quality and competitive prices.

Refreshingly candid reviews of all movies, with its own section and forum dedicated to horror!   


Good resource for latest horror news and happenings, plus a nice forum.    

Interesting Euro site with attention to almost every sub genre of horror in film, art, and literature.  

Everything you were ever afraid to ask Freddy Krueger ...literally!
The Brits know horror, even if their language can be "dodgey".  :)


Reviews, comments, and other information from a site that never holds back.   


Reviews, interviews, forums, and a neat graphic interface on another great site 

Want to pit Pennywise against Jack Frost or Jason Voorhees?  This site can make it happen


Excellent resource to find scary literature, movies, and anything else you like


Fun site with random information and a dedicated webmaster!  

Talk horror, talk vampires!  

Fun site with interesting polls, juicy rumor control, and good articles by real fans of horror


Best in British horror DVD's!  


Reviews of random yet interesting films, DVD's, and more 


If it's going on in horror, these folks usually know about it!  
  Where The Dead Come To Play.. Horror Movies and More! It's bloody, it's disgusting, plus they have a cool interactive site and great horror scoops.  


Message boards, horror news, and more, oh my...


Watch horror, support a great smaller business, enough said
Another type of art to be sure.  Go here for props and custom masks for your haunted house, costume contest, and family reunion
One of the more informative sites on the Net for all things Thing-related...was that redundant?  
Just remember, it's only a movie...

Watch horror?  Horrorwatch!

Get your Michael Myers masks here, great custom work

More horror art!


The Strange and Fascinating Art of Andrew Robbins
SCOTT HINTZ Check out this Minnesotan horror writer
RANDY ASPLUND An amazing artist of fantasy and the macabre
EVIL DREAD Excellent horror movie reviews and general industry news
Ready to pump some wanton violence into your films?
TERROR HOOK Very comprehensive movie review site, have some horror films you want the skinny on?  Go here!
The latest in articles, art, and other happenings in the monster world
They're creepy, they're crawly, need I say deadly? Indie horror film
Edmonton's Horror & Gore Specialty Store 
Don't worry, all flesh is purely organic 
Freaky websites from across the net 
Need stuff for Halloween?  This site will fix you up
Step over that trap door and fall into terror!
COUNT GORE Great site of the East Coast horror host Count Gore, weekly web program, fun reviews, links, and more
BLOOD, GUTS, AND GORE Ever evolving database of horror films and other gory happenings!
Great news site with the latest happenings in horror, including some nice coverage of foreign and indie productions.
ART OF JEFF GAITHER Skateboard designs, CD and magazine covers, and more.  This guy does it all.  
HellHorror.com Horror movie reviews, game and book reviews, banner exchange, forum and more.
More horror movie reviews, dvds, and other interesting commentaries
More horror movie reviews, dvds, and other interesting commentaries
CAMP BLOOD: THE HOME OF JASON VOORHEES One of the premier Jason Voorhees sites on the Net
MIDNIGHT HELL The weirdest horror fiction tales on the web
Get the latest on the  gothic subculture, including art, literature, and more!
What happens when horror fans unleash their dark side???
ZOMBIE DUMP Good site for zombie stories and links to other walking dead items
PALACE OF HORROR Horror news and trailers, lots and lots of trailers
SCRIPT TEASE TV Random film and news from an alternative universe
BUY COSTUMES Ummm...red the site name to know what this is about!

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